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Programme: Moodle Training
Course: Moodle Basics Training

This course provides an introduction to LSE Moodle. The course is open to all LSE staff (PS and academic), and it teaches the basic skills required to update and edit LSE Moodle courses.

Topics covered:

  • an overview of LSE Moodle
  • the course navigation (homepage)
  • adding files to the Moodle course and linking to websites
  • adding discussion forums
  • managing the course settings (enrolment and access)
  • overview of Moodle course lifecycle (Moodle refresh, Moodle archive)
  • adding assignments (optional - depending on time/interest)

During the session, you will be given access to a training course for use during the session.


There are no specific prerequisites. However, file management skills and familiarity with the web would be extremely useful.

Event information:
No courses currently scheduled for your role.
Express an interest in this course for when this course is scheduled in the future.*
Additional Resources:

Did you know? We have plenty of self-help Moodle guides on our website! Also, if you have specific questions or areas you require help with you can book in one of our One-to-one Moodle Surgeries.

Training Provider:

LSE Training and Development System - version
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