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Programme: Training for Managers
Course: Developing High Performing Teams

Who is this course for?
This course is suitable for line managers who manage two or more members of staff and who are currently Grade 6 or above.  This course would benefit managers who want to understand how to instil a sense of team dynamics, ensure excellent communication and facilitate high performance in their team.
The first half of this course focuses on the individuals within the team and the techniques you, as a manager, have for facilitating the development of your staff. It will also focus on the world of motivation and what you can do to actively motivate your staff.
The second half of the course focuses on the team itself as a separate psychological entity; it covers group formation, group psychology, team building and the principles of high performing teams.
By the end of this course you will

  • Understand your role as line manager in team development and facilitation
  • Understand the methods available to you alongside training
  • Identify and understand the three conversational skills of management; goal setting, feedback and coaching
  • Understand what you, as a line manager, can do to actively motivate staff
  • Understand team formation
  • Understand group psychology
  • Understand the parameters of high performing teams and what you can do to instil these principles in your own team

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