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Programme: Personal Effectiveness
Course: Working with Others; Fair treatment and respect - for Non-Managers
 Who is this course for?
This course is suitable for all staff.
When we are working together its is vital that we treat each other fairly and with respect.
As part of the 2012-13 Staff Survey, 15% of staff felt that they had personally experienced behaviour that they considered to be bullying or harassment in the two years before the survey.
All employers are responsible for taking all reasonable steps to prevent any claims of bullying to protect all staff.  When claims are made, there is an inevitable cost in terms of morale, motivation and possibly financial.  Knowing when to report events to your Manager requires confidence and an understanding to enable you to ensure that any attached risk is reduced.   It is also imperative that everyone understands the acceptable levels of behaviour throughout the school that allows for ongoing compliance to both LSE policy and employment legislation
This one day programme is designed to address the challenges facing everyone at LSE when communicating and working with others to reduce the threat of claims, or becoming a victim of, bullying and harassment.  The programme will also ensure that all employees are aware of both the legislative and corporate policies in place to protect them.  Often, behaviour that is perceived as bullying or threatening is unintentional and, therefore, we will offer practical solutions that address communication and interaction to support real behavioural change.  The Workshop is designed to be relevant and fun – whilst addressing key issues facing all organisations.
The course will cover
  • What is bullying and harassment – what does the law say and how does it feel?
  • Why and when can accusations of bullying or harassment happen?
  • Preventing negative behaviour – identifying potential risks and tools for personal protection
  • Communication and interaction at all levels - adapting personal approach to the situation
  • What should I do if I feel I am being bullied, if I am accused of bullying or I see others being bullied.
  • Practical application and ‘safe environment’ practice
By the end of this course you will
  • A greater understanding of the impact of behaviour on perception
  • A recognition of occasions when accusations of bullying or harassment may occur
  • The legislative guidelines on managing bullying behaviour
  • Ability to communicate effectively and interact with all personality styles
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