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Programme: Professional Development
Course: Advanced Marketing
Who is this course for?
The more experienced marketer who understands the basics and has a role in the development of strategic thinking for the business.
The strategic direction of the business requires clarity of marketing input that clearly identifies the key opportunities and capitalises on them. The course is designed to stimulate strategic thinking and planning ensuring that the marketing activities are in line with corporate goals and departmental objectives.
By the end of this course you will:
an future activity
  • Understand the key drivers of a customer focused business
  • Be able to gain customer insight using the appropriate analysis tools
  • Effectively plan your marketing strategy
  • Develop marketing objectives which reflect the corporate and departmental aims and objectives
  • Use the outcomes of the analysis to plan long term strategy
  • Use the metrics to evaluate the success of the marketing plan and plan future activity

Effective Behaviour Framework
This course will support the Delivering excellent service behaviour at The School and beyond level.
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