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Programme: Word 2010
Course: Word 2010: Formatting an Academic Paper

This is a self-paced, student-supervised workshop using materials designed to teach formatting techniques for Master’s Dissertations, PhD Theses, academic journal articles and book manuscripts. Student Training Advisors are on hand to provide friendly assistance, with a staff trainer on call to deal with any particularly knotty problems.  You are welcome to work through relevant sections of the course booklet written specifically for LSE students and staff.  Practice by using the downloadable sample thesis provided or your own draft. Work at your own pace, and feel free to attend as often as you find helpful.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating and modifying a reusable template containing ‘styles’ you will use to ensure consistent formatting throughout your document
  • Modifying and applying styles to existing text
  • Creating a new document based upon a template, and applying the styles as you type
  • Combining multiple documents into a single file
  • Correcting formatting inconsistencies
  • Tips and tricks for maintaining format consistency
  • Other top tips for speeding up your work in Word
  • Importing charts from Excel
  • Using section breaks to change page orientation
  • Inserting and adjusting images
  • Adding and formatting captions to images, tables, charts, etc.
  • Automatically generating and updating a table of contents and table of figures, charts or images 
  • Trouble-shooting footnote problems
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Additional Resources:

The materials are also available as a set of downloadable resources from here (provided in Zip File format). Work through this material at your own pace, from your own desk and bring any questions you have to a Software Surgery.

For more information and other useful resources, see the Guided Self-Study pages on the IT Training site.

Training Provider:

LSE Training and Development System - version
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