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Programme: Voice Coaching
Course: Power Relationships in Presentations
"Conveying authority when your authority is challenged"

Suitable for academics and research staff whose professional role involves communicating and presenting in challenging situations. A day long course which explores how you come across and covers key tricks and skills for enhancing your presence.
Arguably the way we say something effects the impact we have even more than the words we use. This is never more so than when we feel at a disadvantage, nervous or under pressure to perform. In these circumstances, however well we know what we want to say, we may find the stress of the situation undermines our sense of authority, conveys in our voice and interferes with our intended message.
Be it with challenging students, colleagues, external experts or at an interview, the ability to channel our nerves and communicate ideas well under pressure provides us with the necessary tools to influence others. In harnessing your natural communication style and learning simple tricks and techniques to enhance it, you can dramatically transform the way your words are heard and embraced.
Course aims and objectives
Participants will
  • Learn how the style of their presentation influences the impact they make
  • Become more aware of how they come across and how they can develop
  • Discover what elements go into crafting vocal delivery
  • Explore the difference between sounding authoritative and sounding aggressive
  • Develop techniques for re-channelling nerves or other negative emotions if they arise
  • Recognise the impact of body language
  • Understand how to prepare not just content but how they will present themselves.
  • Gain in confidence with their individual presenting style and see how this applies to their professional persona
  • Have opportunities to practically apply their learning.
Feedback and Evaluation
Participants will
·         Receive ongoing feedback throughout the training from the trainer and each other.
·         Be invited to evaluate their own and each other’s performance
·         Be invited to give written feedback.

Please note that the start and end times of this course may change slightly but it will remain an all-day course.
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