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Programme: Maximise your potential (Language Centre)
Course: Literature for Social Sciences
An introduction to European Literature seen as a subject of Social Sciences and discussed within the framework of 20th century political history and philosophy; with a specific focus on such issues as: 

  • literature as a index of social change; 
  • literature as a platform for philosophical debates; 
  • cultural and social myth-making, 
  • the relationship between historiography and fiction.       

This course runs as part of the 'Maximising your potential' programme for undergraduate students. 
If you have taken, and hopefully enjoyed, these language taster sessions don't forget that you can take a language course during the academic year too.

Our programme of extra curricular Modern Foreign Language certificate courses is available to everyone and from 2011-12 if you are an undergraduate student and you do not have a GCSE (or equivalent) in a language which is not your mother tongue you can claim your entitlement, as part of the LSE Language Policy, to one free language course during your time at LSE!

Undergraduate students may also wish to consider our range of Literature and Foreign Language Degree Course options which can form a fully assessed part of your degree programme.
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