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Programme: Microsoft Office IT Practical Workshops
Course: Excel 2010: Sorting and Filtering
By the end of this session, you will be able to use Excel to quickly organise large amounts of data by performing complex sorts and applying filters to retrieve a subset of information. You will also learn how to do a basic summary calculation of information and set up worksheets for the repeated application of complex filters.

These IT sessions flip traditional training on its head by presenting learners with the problem to be solved and encouraging them to use their prior experience, real-world problem solving tools like Google and in-application Help programs, and their fellow students or colleagues to find the solution. We all learn best by ‘doing’ and these sessions provide a structured environment in which we help you find the best solutions yourself, rather than walking you through the ‘right answer’.

The workshops are all held in ALD.LG.01B (The Amber Room) and we request that you kindly refrain from eating and drinking in this room.

Please ensure you bring your LSE ID with you as you may be asked to show it at reception.
Before booking this workshop, please ensure that you have  attended the following workshops:
  1. Excel 2010: Calculated Worksheets
  2. Excel 2010: Numeric Calculations 
  3. Excel 2010: Essential Functions
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No courses currently scheduled.

Reserve a place for me when this course is next scheduled.*

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* Currently, course reservation is available to Staff and PHD Students.

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