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Programme: Personal Effectiveness
Course: Creative Problem Solving

*Please note that this course is spread over 2 half days


Who is this course for?
Anyone who has a role in problem-solving (either individually or as part of a team) and sees the value at looking at that problem from a variety of differing positions.

There is a belief that sometimes sits with problem-solving that is worded as follows: “Every problem has 23 solutions, the best solutions are from 17 onwards, we use the first 2”. Now, whilst that statement shouldn’t be taken literality, it does highlight the potential we can have for putting quick and simple solutions to problems which may be more complex in nature. Therefore, for this highly practical workshop, an underpinning process will be applied to any problem and then a range of different tools and techniques are explored at each stage so that, at any stage, we are making the best decisions from the information we have available.

  • Problems, not puzzles
  • How previous experience helps and hinders the problem-solving process
  • TOIPARD - A Problem-Solving Process
  • How to develop criteria for success and the principles of solutions focus questions
  • What’s the big idea?
  • I see your ‘point of view’
  • A brainstorm on brainstorming
  • Parallel Thinking - problem-solving with the team
  • Applying the most effective solution/s
  • How to learn from the past
  • Facilitating problem-solving in others

By the end of this course you will

  • Be able to apply a simple and robust problem-solving process to any problem
  • Understand the impact our self-talk and previous experience has on our ability to problem solve
  • Be able to apply a suite of problem-solving processes to the gathering information, analysing and decision-making parts of the process
  • Be able to apply (when appropriate) creative thinking to all parts of the process
  • Develop a routine that is applied to reflective learning part of the process so that the underpinning process is being constantly developed
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