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Programme: MY591: Workshops in Applied Analysis Software
Course: NVIVO

NVivo is a Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS) released by Qualitative Solutions and Research (QSR). Textual data, such as interview transcripts and newspaper articles can be analysed with the help of NVivo. NVivo allows researchers to manage their data, removing many, if not most, of the clerical tasks associated with manual coding. Researchers can store their original data and their coding in a single project file. NVivo facilitates the analysis process, but it does not analyse the data. The researcher must still code and interpret the data.

NVivo allows the researcher to categorise data in a systematic way and to conduct a fine-grained thematic analysis. It makes coding quick and easy and it allows creating different types of codes and organising them in different folders. Researchers can create their own coding or work with a pre-existing coding framework. Codes can be easily changed and re-arranged during the course of the analysis supporting different stages in the interpretation process. NVivo allows researchers to run queries in order to explore links and patterns in the data. It also enables researchers to visualise their analysis by creating models.

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