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Programme: MY591: Workshops in Applied Analysis Software
Course: WordStat

(Advanced Content Analysis Module integrated with QDA Miner)

QDA Miner, WordStat and SimStat are integrated software packages produced by Provalis Research that provide powerful and easy-to-use tools for extracting quantitative information from qualitative data such as texts, images and audio files. This workshop will provide an introduction to WordStat, the package that enables the quantitative analysis of large bodies of text. The workshop will cover the tools for analysing texts according to two approaches: inductive 'text mining' and deductive content analysis. In particular, the workshop will demonstrate:

– applying pre-processing methods (such as stemming, lemmatization and exclusion lists)

– analysing word frequencies

– identifying themes by observing clusters of words and phrases

– identifying similarities of cases (documents)

– examining associations between cases and word use

– constructing, validating and applying advanced categorization dictionaries

Time permitting, additional features will be introduced, such as:

– exporting and using categorization dictionaries in QDA Miner

– comparing the results obtained from a content analysis to the results from normative data

– automatic document classification.

The workshop will include advice on interpreting the output of statistical data reduction routines, in particular hierarchical clustering, multidimensional scaling and correspondence analysis.


Introductory knowledge of QDA Miner; familiarity with text analysis methods. Exposure to quantitative analysis methods such as hierarchical clustering, multidimensional scaling, correspondence analysis and contingency tables is advantageous, but not necessary.

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Additional Resources:

Pre reading: Literature references will be given in the workshop. The WordStat user manual is comprehensive, useful and understandable for average end users.

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LSE Training and Development System - version
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