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Programme: MY560: Workshops in Advanced Quantitative Analysis
Course: Questionnaire Design

This workshop focuses on survey measurement. After a brief introduction to survey methodology, we consider the importance of a strong theoretical and conceptual framework: the design of a questionnaire is principally guided by the goals of the study and the concepts one is working with. 

We then consider principles of measurement, addressing inference from measures to the mental constructs and past experiences of respondents. Topics of measurement include single versus multiple indicators, formative and reflective measurement, different types of scaling, and reliability and validity in the context of measurement theory. We then consider principles of question design. What is considered good practice? What cognitive processes are involved in answering questions? What are the implications of cognitive models of survey response for survey practice? 

We finish the workshop with a discussion of empirical techniques to evaluate and pilot surveys, with particular emphasis is given to cognitive interviews. After the two hour workshop, students will have an overview of some of the key topics.

Note: This session is taught as part of the methods training sequence of the MSc degrees hosted by the Department of Social Psychology (PS4A5). However, it is also open for others and can be booked in the same way as other MY560 sessions. 

This session is in a different room and with a different configuration than the other MY560 workshops. The sessions consist of a total of two hours of lectures only. 


PhD students will be given priority and need to state this in the "message to tutor" field when applying for a place. All other participants will have their places confirmed a few days before each of the workshops takes place, if there are spaces available. This will be done on a first-come first-served basis. No Undergraduate students will be accepted.

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