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Programme: Web Design
Course: Web Design 2: Mastering the Basics 2016/17 Pilot

Students in this course will build a basic travel website by writing HTML and CSS code to achieve a specific effect. This will involve creating a page from scratch, as well as editing existing pages, and introduces students to the basic semantics of both HTML and CSS coding languages.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Make informed decisions about how you structure your code, both within individual pages and within the site as a whole (eg. Use of internal/external style sheets, use of headings and links)
  • Create a well-structured base HTML file which includes all the required tags
  • Identify the semantic elements of HTML & CSS languages, such as tags, attributes, values, classes, etc
  • Link HTML pages and add a style sheet

Participants MUST have previously attended:

Web Design 1: How the Web Works

Participants MUST have previously completed:

Web Design 2: Mastering the Basics section on Moodle

If you do not complete the section on Moodle prior to attending, you will be asked to do so during the session.

This will most likely mean you would need to come to the session more than once.

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