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Programme: LSE LIFE Programme
Course: Master's Dissertation: write your research proposal

Research proposals are often only a few hundred words – but they can be surprisingly tricky to write.  How do you get all your ideas (and the ones you’re not even sure about) into such a short text?

A research proposal (or dissertation progress report) is a way for your supervisor to learn about what you are interested in and how your project is coming along.   At the same time, it is an early opportunity for you to think critically and independently about a question that you want to know more about, and to practise communicating your ideas clearly.  It is also a chance to test out your ideas and receive feedback from your supervisor. 

In this workshop, you will have the chance to practise and to ask questions about what should be in your proposal (or progress report), how to express it, and how you can use it to generate ideas about your research. 

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