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Programme: Researcher's workshops
Course: Project Management for Researchers: Designing, executing & completing

Effective management of one or more research projects requires foresight, planning and appropriately timed execution but it can also be tricky and time consuming. Managing your own expectations and those of your colleagues can also be challenging and it is important to have clear aims, to frequently review your progress and discuss your work. The independent nature and freedom of research requires individuals to be responsible for their own project management, progress and results; planning and managing your research effectively can make the process less stressful, more productive and will help you to finish within your allotted time.

This workshop will cover key stages in the project management process and introduce participants to various tools and techniques that can be used to help manage your project. At the start of the workshop, participants will be asked to define their aims and objectives for their research. They will design a timeline from the start of their project to managing and preparing for their next post. This theme will continue throughout the workshop and participants will be encouraged to apply various tools to their own individual needs, in addition to taking part in group exercises with other researchers.

The workshop will cover areas such as project management theory, strategy, time management, data management, publishing and communicating, working effectively with your colleagues, analysing your progress, dealing with problems and iterating. The full day version also includes a team project management exercise.


Learning outcomes

On completion of this course:

  • Participants will be introduced to a series of project management techniques and tools that they can use to plan their research and career.
  • Participants will have defined a set of aims and objectives for their research project and asked to set deadlines.
  • At the end of this workshop, participants will have a clearly designed project plan to complement their career goals.
  • Participants will learn how to evaluate their current project needs and resources then strategise accordingly to achieve their objectives.
Event information:
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    05/06/2019 10:00 - 16:30 Academic Staff, GTA Available Request place
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