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Programme: Researcher's workshops
Course: Entrepreneurship for Researchers

Companies are spinning out of universities all the time and there is a considerable amount of support for researchers who are interested in trying their hand at entrepreneurship. Competition for research jobs is fierce and starting your own venture could be another option.

Universities are hot beds of innovation but how do you come up with a viable business idea? What skills do you need to develop in order to build a company? Where do you find funding to kickstart your idea? This workshop will provide researchers with an overview of entrepreneurship and will introduce them to the fundamentals of starting a business. We will include case studies of entrepreneurs who have successfully spun out companies and analyse and discuss a case study of a business that is trying to grow but is faced with considerable challenges. We will also cover the various aspects of the commercialisation process and discuss a range of tools that you can use to assess your own business idea. The workshop will include short presentations by the instructor, discussions, group work, case studies and examples from the instructor’s own experience.

(Optional for full day session: we can also invite 1-2 speakers to tell their own story to the class. These could be local entrepreneurs and/or alumni from the LSE who have started their own companies. We can help to source these speakers.)


Learning outcomes

On completion of this course:

  • Participants will have been introduced to the fundamentals of starting a business, the commercialisation process and discussed various concepts through the use of case studies.
  • Participants will have been given tools (lean startup technique) to apply this knowledge to a business idea of their own.
  • Participants will have increased awareness of the challenges, process and requirements for starting and building a business.
Event information:
  Date & Time Available to Availability  
    06/06/2019 10:00 - 16:30 Academic Staff, GTA Available Request place
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