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Programme: Productivity and collaboration tools
Course: Excel 6: Using Macros

This is the final in the series of Excel workshops and builds on all of the skills from the previous sessions, in particular 4a: Lookup Functions and 5: Complex Calculations.

By the end of this session you will understand how to:

  • record a complex macro in Excel
  • use VBA to edit a macro in Excel
  • use VBA to combine multiple macros


Our IT Practical workshops flip traditional training on its head by presenting learners with a problem to be solved and encouraging them to use their prior experience, web searches, in-application Help programs, and their fellow students or colleagues to find the solutions. 

This workshop uses the Office 365 version of Excel for Windows. Computers are provided.

The workshops are all held in ALD.3.02F (The Amber Miro Room). Please allow 10 minutes travel time if you are walking from the New Academic Building or Library, and 5 minutes from Old Building or the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre.

Please note: these workshops have a limited capacity. If you have a confirmed place, please be on time.

If you are on the waiting list we invite you to show up as well, as five minutes after the course starts any unclaimed places will be given to people on the waiting list. 

If you are unable to attend please ensure you cancel your place.

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