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Programme: Atlas
Course: TQARO and beyond

Are you making the most of your TQARO evaluations - do they help you understand which parts of your course are working well and where you can improve? Are there other evaluation methods lecturers and teachers can use to complement TQARO data? There are a number of ways to take the temperature of the class and they do not have to wait till the end of the term when it is often too late to make introduce a positive change. The aim of this event is to show lecturers and teachers how TQARO and other forms of evaluation can inform and improve your teaching.

Who should attend?

Lecturers, teachers, course managers and course leaders/convenors who have direct responsibility for teaching and course provision.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Glean information from/interpret TQARO data – scores, open-ended comments, comparative scores, etc.
  • Improve the course experience for students through understanding how formative evaluation tools can be used to complement the data collected by TQARO to inform your teaching
  • Reflect on how to design and administer some of these formative evaluation tools and how to interpret the resulting data.


Pre-requisites or guidance on how the event builds on another event/workshop

Familiarity with your (latest) TQARO report or that of your course

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