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Programme: Information Skills and Resources
Course: Practice your literature search: Introduction to OVID (Embase, HMIC and Psycharticles)

This session will introduce the OVID platform, which provides access to a number of health related resources that can be used for literature searching.  The session is designed to be a general introduction to the platform and the resources.  


The session will be run by a trainer from OVID 


The Presentation will:

  • Explain the products subscribed to by LSE: Embase, HMIC, Pscyhinfo
  • Demonstrate how to access the resource and login
  • Demonstrate basic functionality using Embase – searching, how to combine searches, how to save searches
  • Allow 8-12 minutes for attendees to undertake your own searches, with assistance provided as required
  • Q&A


You will need to bring your own device to enhance your learning experience.  This session does not take place in a computer room


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