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Programme: LSE LIFE Programme
Course: Learning to Lead: Leadership development from LSE LIFE and the Oxford Global Leadership Initiative

LEADERSHIP--we all recognise that it is an important dynamic in society.  Leaders are part of every facet of life, from private sector boardrooms to government chambers, from student unions and classrooms to families and communities.  Leadership is key to professional success, political progress, personal achievement, and social change.  But what is it?  What makes good leadership? Effective leadership? Ethical leadership? What distinguishes an inspiring leader from a mediocre one?

We are very pleased to welcome the Oxford Global Leadership Initiative to LSE LIFE to offer LSE students a unique opportunity to consider these questions and explore what leadership means to you.  We’ll discuss examples and reflect on personal experiences to understand more about how our character, values, and culture inform our ideas of leadership.

Join us for this one-day workshop that will enable you to reflect on what kind of leader you can be and the contributions you can make.  Refreshments and lunch will be provided.  This day-long workshop is offered free of charge; LSE LIFE will cover the entire cost of this event.

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