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Programme: Training for Managers
Course: Managing pivotal conversations

Who is this course for?


This course is suitable for all line managers.



Difficult situations will occur from time to time. These might include having to address someone’s inappropriate behaviour, conflict between team members and even conflict between yourself and a member of your team. Managing these situations is an important role for managers. It is essential to address the problem quickly before it escalates and becomes an even greater problem for the whole team.

This highly practical, interactive and supportive course is designed to help you develop the skills and confidence to effectively manage difficult conversations.


The morning will focus on theoretical models, tools, techniques and policies with group, pairs and individual exercises.


The afternoon will focus on practicing realistic and relevant simulations. You will receive encouraging and constructive feedback to help build your skills and confidence.



By the end of this course you will


  • Know the role of the manager in addressing challenging situations
  • Discuss the reasons why some managers don’t address them
  • Understand the importance of being emotionally intelligent
  • Know the importance of acting fairly and reasonably
  • Be equipped with tools and techniques to act with greater confidence
  • Understand the School policies and when it is appropriate to use what
  • Have practiced difficult conversations base upon real and relevant situations


Duration: 1 day



Please note this programme builds on the content of the Leading and Shaping Performance one day programme. Either programme can be attended as a standalone although it is recommended you attend both days (Day I Leading and Shaping Performance, Day 2 Managing Pivotal Conversations).


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