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Programme: Professional Development
Course: Introduction to project management at LSE

Responsibility and Accountability

  • Understanding your role and helping others
  • Taking personal responsibility for your actions and decisions
  • Taking ownership of problems and resolving them
  • Managing your workload, making effective use of time and meeting deadlines

Target Audience
This course is suitable for anyone who will be involved at any level with projects within the new portfolio management process; no prior experience is required, and the course is not limited to those in project management roles.

Course Outline/Overview
This practical introductory workshop is designed to help staff at all levels understand the principles of good Project Management, and the way projects are managed within the LSE Portfolio Management Process.

It will help individuals explore how they can submit new project requests effectively, and interact in the best way possible with key processes used within LSE to support the development and success of projects.


  • Recognise what makes a piece of work suitable for management using a project approach
  • Identify some of the key issues that make project fail—in particular, the issues that, historically, have negatively affected projects within LSE
  • Explain the role of the Business Improvement Unit and key personnel in managing projects and in the portfolio management process
  • Submit an effective New Project Request in accordance with guidelines: focused on a business issue, identifying with a known priority or need, and endorsed by an appropriate sponsor
  • Explain how the Portfolio Management Triage Committee assess NPRs
  • Explain how the Portfolio Board oversee project governance
  • Explain how a project progresses through the stage/gate process
  • Explain and use dependencies, duration and the critical path within a project management setting
  • Assess key risks within a project and their severity, and suggest ways to manage those risks appropriately.


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