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Programme: New Academic Induction Programme (NAIP) follow-up sessions 2018-19
Course: Research Ethics

Ethical issues arise in all research with human participants, and in all research, that have implications for the way in which we live our individual lives, organise our societies, and regulate and conduct our interactions in the wider world. This workshop offers colleagues a hands-on opportunity to reflect on the ethical issues that arise in our research practice, regarding the research we undertake or supervise.

The workshop offers an opportunity to discuss and share working practices, and to consider the ethical and other challenges arising in a range of different contexts, including: research involving different cultures; sensitive or controversial topics; the use of deception, and research in online environments. Using case studies, participants will discuss the ethical issues raised, and the potential responses that might be used in such contexts. The session will also provide an overview of the School’s research ethics policy and procedure.

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