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Programme: Researcher's workshops
Course: Career management: within and beyond academia

If you are interested in continuing in research or if you are thinking moving away from academia then it is never too early to start planning ahead and thinking about what direction you want your career to go. Research is an exciting, competitive and challenging career choice that requires strategic planning, seeking out opportunities that are relevant, networking and expanding your skill set; as you progress, your daily activities will evolve and change and you will need to adapt accordingly.

Increasingly, researchers are also seeking careers outside academia. During their time as PhD students and postdocs, researchers develop a number of skills that they can utilise in a variety of other positions, whether these are related to their research or not.

This workshop will give an overview of both academic and non-academic careers, including case studies, examples from the instructor’s own experience and guest speakers. Participants will be asked to consider their career strategy going forward, their accomplishments to date and their next steps. We will include overviews of different roles and provide resources to help participants explore their options. In addition, participants will be asked to evaluate their skill set using the ElementsTM skills evaluation and consider which skills they want to develop further.

At the end of this workshop researchers will have:

  • an overview of research careers and what is expected of early career researchers;
  • an understanding of the next steps that they need to take to enhance their career prospects; 
  • an understanding of the skills they have and those that they would like to develop further;
  • an understanding of how to present themselves and be visible online; 
  • an overview of a range of non-academic career options. 
Event information:
  Date & Time Available to Availability  
    02/04/2019 10:00 - 16:30 Academic Staff, GTA Available Request place
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