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Programme: Professional Development
Course: Leading effective meetings

Responsibility and Accountability
Accepting, or appropriately delegating, responsibility
Empowering others to take personal responsibility
Equality of Respect and Opportunity
Demonstrating mutual respect, open-mindedness and transparency
Actively encouraging the exchange of views and opinions
Listening to and engaging with others to properly understand their needs


Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for anyone who will need to lead meetings, within or outside their department. No prior experience is required, and the course is not limited to those in leadership or management roles.



This practical and interactive 3 and a half hour meetings workshop is designed to give any person who wishes to chair brilliant meetings the skills and resources to do so. We will discuss different types of meetings so that you can tailor meetings to your specific needs and environment, whilst staying within the guidelines of LSE. The workshop will discuss the skills and qualities of the effective chair, how to chair a thinking environment, moving into structuring short and longer meetings, and ensuring actions are given and followed up. It will ensure LSE meetings have a clear purpose and reach their intended objectives.


By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand and use appropriate types and styles of meetings 
  • Know how to plan and prepare effectively for meetings and manage follow up actions
  • Be able to structure weekly, monthly or ad-hoc meetings ensuring they start and end on time, with clear agenda, timings and actions
  • Know how to establish meeting ground rules
  • Have techniques to ensure you make effective contributions to meetings as an attendee
  • Have practiced facilitation skills in order to be able to successfully lead and manage meetings
  • Have used facilitation skills and problem-solving questions to help build group consensus and gain clear decisions
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