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Programme: Researcher's workshops
Course: Public speaking: Clarity and Coherence

Public engagement with academic research is more important than ever before. But scholars are rarely trained in how to present their work to a wider public. Successful academic presentations need to do three things:

  1. Communicate your arguments and evidence,
  2. Persuade your audience that they are compelling
  3. Engage and entertain

This workshop will show you how to organize your presentation in a way that brings your audience along with you, step by step. The course will also teach you how to communicate persuasively through a host of tips related to slide format, timing and delivery. Finally, this course will help you to introduce a bit of yourself into your public speaking, so that your presentations sparkle with wit and originality.

The workshop is designed to unfold over two-hour, lunch-time sessions that build logically upon each other across five consecutive weeks. However, students may also choose to attend individual sessions to work on specific presentation skills.

The five modules include:


  • Introduction: Voice, Authenticity and Good Starts
  • Clarity and Coherence
  • Delivery: Verbal, Non-Verbal and Visuals
  • Preparation: Nerves, Timing and Managing the Q and A
  • Speaking to a wider audience 
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