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Programme: LSE LIFE Programme
Course: Master's Dissertation: get your data and resources in shape

You may have been asked by your Department to write a Data Management Plan for your research project or come across it during ethical review of your dissertation proposal because your research involves human research participants. But what exactly is a Data Management Plan and how do you get started writing one?
Writing a Data Management Plan is a great way to prepare you for collecting, using, organising and storing your research data and resources effectively. Not only will this save you time during your dissertation, it also ensures you are handling any personal data in line with data protection legislation and your ethical duties. 
In this workshop, the LSE Research Data Librarian will take you through the main elements of a Data Management Plan, what tools are available to LSE to help you write one and get the chance to ask questions about your own project and get started with your Data Management Plan.

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    14/03/2019 11:00 - 12:00 PGT Student Available Request place
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