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Programme: Professional Development
Course: The Review and Promotion Process: An Orientation Session

Candidates for Major Review with promotion to Associate Professor, candidates for promotion to Associate Professor and candidates for promotion to full Professor are required to demonstrate to the School’s Promotions Committee their contributions across three areas, research, education and citizenship.

This session outlines how this process is conducted and how to make a strong case for your contributions across these three areas. The session is for those who are preparing or hoping to prepare their applications this coming year, for those who wish to build their CV towards making strong applications over the coming two or three years and for those who mentor or advise their colleagues as they go through the review and promotion process. For this reason, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors (including Heads of Department) as well as academic staff outside the NAC (Lecturers, Senior Lecturers and Readers) are all welcome.

The session will be led by Professor Eric Neumayer, Pro-Director, Faculty Development, and Professor Charles Stafford, Vice-Chair of the Appointments Committee.

Slides for the session can be accessed here

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