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Programme: Training for Managers
Course: From manager to leader

Who is this course for?

This workshop would benefit those who would like to understand further the important distinction between manager and leader – and how to use a positive mindset to facilitate a positive culture in your teams. It will explore the importance of understanding – and communicating – your team’s role in facilitating the LSE to achieve its vision and strategy, reducing silos and ensuring collaboration where expedient. The course will also focus on developing your own vision for your teams and identifying key stakeholders that may assist you. Input will be given on themes relating to culture, change and leadership models as appropriate.  This course could be undertaken as a stand-alone day or attended after the more introductory Developing yourself as a Manager course.


This course will look at the attitude and mindset required when becoming a leader, and the key distinctions between a manager and leader. The importance of a positive mindset and a brief reminder (for those who attended the Developing Yourself as a Manager course) of the strengths-based model will be given before exploring the key leadership habits of effective leaders. Discussions will focus on understanding the impact of leadership style on team culture and climate and managing change, and exercises relating to creating your own leadership vision and stakeholder mapping will be undertaken.

Course content

  • A brief reminder of the principles of positive management and leadership
  • The power of a positive mindset and its impact on culture
  • An exploration of Engagement
  • Managing transitions as a leader
  • Positive leadership habits
  • Having a vision and strategy for your team
  • Stakeholder mapping exercise and the power of networks and collaboration
  • Communicating the vision – and understanding how your team fits within the strategy of the LSE

By the end of this course you will:

  • Know the difference between management and leadership
  • Know some models of leadership and the impact you can have on team culture
  • Be reminded of the importance of a positive mindset
  • Be able to create a vision for your team
  • Be able to identify your stakeholders and take a strategic view of collaboration and networking
  • Be clearer abut how your team fits in with the vision of the LSE



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