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Programme: Business Improvement Unit
Course: BIU - Foundation workshop

Target Audience

It is recommended that participants attend the ‘Introduction to Project Management at LSE’ workshop prior to attending this one.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who will be involved at any level with projects within the new Business Projects Portfolio Management Process. 

The course assumes some level of involvement in projects at LSE. The course is mandatory for all BIU staff, business systems teams and some DTS staff.

The foundation module is a pre-requisite for attendance on further courses.


Course Outline/Overview

This Foundation workshop is designed to help participants understand how to apply the Stage Gate Methodology to deliver projects at LSE following the Business Projects Portfolio Management Process.


  • Know about the Business Projects Portfolio Management Process
  • Be able to explain the stages of the Stage Gate Methodology
  • Know the deliverables associated with each stage of the Stage Gate Methodology
  • Understand the Governance, roles & responsibilities associated with the Stage Gate Methodology deliverables
  • Understand what makes a good Project Brief
  • Have developed a Project Handover Agreement and understand its importance
  • Appreciate how the Stage Gate Methodology can be applied to different types of project.
  • Be able to state at least 5 benefits of using the Stage Gate Methodology.
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