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Programme: Atlas 2019-20
Course: London as your classroom

A brief description of the event

As an urban university, the LSE cannot lay claim to sprawling spired buildings, landscaped gardens and lakes. But its central location in the city of London is a blessing in disguise. London offers many opportunities for learning –   visits to Parliament, the City, the Royal Courts of Justice; walking study tours; local field trips; and conducting research with local populations to give a few examples. In this workshop, we look at these examples in greater detail to understand the design of the activity, the challenges, and the benefits it has for student learning.

An outline of who should attend

Lecturers, class teachers, course conveners and programme directors including those who teach on executive programmes

3-4 intended learning outcomes

During this workshop, we will:

  • Discuss how London, the city, lends itself to creating opportunities for learning
  • Review examples of activities and courses that use London as their classroom or lab
  • Go through the various elements/stages of designing a London-based learning activity
  • Consider challenges and brainstorm solutions 


2 hours

Event information:
  Date & Time Available to Availability  
    03/06/2020 12:00 - 14:00 Academic Staff, Professional Services Staff, PGR Student, PGT Student, GTA Available Request place
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