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Programme: GTA Induction Programme 2019/20
Course: New GTA Induction Lent Term

The first half of this session will provide you with an introduction to class teaching at LSE. By the end of the session, you should feel more confident to:

  • run your first class and establish an effective working relationship with your students;
  • plan your teaching and encourage active learning in the classroom;
  • have some awareness of how to get to know your students in ways that will help you support their learning;
  • deal with different situations that commonly arise in the classroom;
  • know where to turn for assistance/support.

The second half of this session will focus on assessment and feedback. Indeed, throughout the year, you will be providing feedback and marking students’ formative work (i.e. work that should promote active learning, and let your students know whether and how they are progressing and how they could improve, but where the mark does not count towards their final degree result).  
By the end of the session, you should feel more confident to:

  • give effective feedback which supports student learning;
  • understand key elements of the marking/grading process aimed at improving the reliability and validity of marks awarded;
  • address the challenges that students face with their work, and know where to direct them if they need further support/assistance from others at the LSE;
  • raise student awareness of referencing and citation in their written work.


Note: If your department asks you to mark summative work/exams, please ensure you are properly briefed on this by your department.

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