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Programme: LSE LIFE Programme
Course: LIFEwise: Be a better public speaker

In this 4-part series, you’ll discover and practise the skills you’ll need to make your points clearly, engage your listeners, and feel more at ease – whether you’re speaking to an audience of three or 300.  Each session lasts two hours.  To take part in the series, participation at all four sessions is required. 

1. Know your audience and be authentic  In the first of our four sessions, we’ll explore how thinking about your audience is central to constructing your message. We’ll also look at how to develop a relaxed, conversational style that lets the “real you" come through whenever you give a talk or a presentation.

2. Structure your message The content and the way you can structure a presentation or talk will be the focus of this session. You’ll learn how to construct a strong start for your talk; develop a central, over-riding message; and decide what to keep in and what to take out.

3. Use notes and visuals effectively In this session, we’ll cover ways you can use notes while speaking -- while maintaining a connection with your audience.   You’ll also consider how to create visuals that support your message without undermining it.

4. Manage your nerves and master your timing Everyone gets nervous when they have to speak in public!  In this series finale, you’ll learn ways to prepare for a talk that can help you calm anxious feelings – and enjoy the moment.

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