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Programme: Fire Safety
Course: Fire Warden Training

This training is designed for all staff designated as Fire Wardens and should be taken every two years. Current legislation, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, requires organisations to have adequate arrangements for fire safety, including arragnements for evacuation and routine fire safety checks of work places.

This training will provide candidates with a general understanding of how to prevent a fire occurring, how to prevent the spread of fire, what should be done in the event of a fire, and a basic introduction of the protocol of extinguishing a fire.

 The Fire training the following subjects:

  • General housekeeping.
  • Chemistry of Fire.
  • Fire detection and awareness.
  • Escape, drills and evacuation policy.
  • Fire wardens responsibilities and legal duties.
  • Types of fire extinguishers and their uses.
  • Understanding fire extinguishers and how to use them
  • Smoke alarms, sprinklers and fire doors.
  • Record keeping.
  • Importance of an assembly point and roll call
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