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Programme: Managing Anxiety
Course: Managing Anxiety

The Student Counselling Service is running a weekly workshop that focuses on anxiety and how to handle it. It is open to all students.

The workshop will offer an overview and understanding of what anxiety is, how it can help and techniques to help manage it when it feels too much.

Workshops are available in person and online. Online workshops will be carried out on-line via Zoom and the meeting link will be sent to you once you have booked a place. The workshop is interactive so you'll be asked to have your camera on.

The workshop will last up to 55 minutes. We will start by checking in briefly so do please join us on time.

In order to help with safety, we ask that all participants agree to respect confidentiality:

  • Other members of the workshop may share personal information which we ask you to keep confidential and do nothing that might identify other group members. 
  • The workshop may also raise or trigger uncomfortable feelings.  If this occurs, please don't hesitate to let the facilitator know or request a break from the workshop.

 You are welcome to attend this workshop more than once but we ask that you book one at a time. 



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