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Programme: Atlas 2019-20
Course: Belonging in the classroom

We consider different ways we have used institutional timings and spaces to create a sense of belonging in the classroom. Whilst committed to interrogating and revising the curriculum as a part of the practice of decolonisation, here we consider how radical pedagogies help us to embed and create a sense of belonging in the classroom. Belonging should be at the centre of any discussion on inclusion and attainment at university as to feel that one belongs or does not, impacts on progression and engagement.


One of the causes of the ‘attainment gap’ is a curriculum and learning space that does not reflect and value the experiences of students of colour. In order to redress this, we embed autobiography and reflection into the module and use the classroom space and timings as a way of getting to know each other and develop a group identity. The tone is set for this type of work with a name crafting session in the first week. It is this that we intend to replicate in this workshop. We will firstly set out our teaching framework and practice and outline the principles of our learning space. We will then invite attendees to take part in crafting a name card, a practice which we have found facilitates autobiographical reflection, centring students’ knowledge and experience through creative dialogue.


Learning Outcomes:

  • To challenge the persistent reproduction of white supremacy, gender bias and class oppression through our teaching practice, as part of an acknowledgment that decolonisation must extend beyond changing the curriculum and into our embodied teaching practices.
  • Critical reflections on whether autobiographical crafting can be a form of radical pedagogy and contribute to creating a sense of belonging.

Who should attend?

Lecturers, class teachers, academic mentors, department tutors


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